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I am a coach. An Equine Assisted Coach to be more specific. Actually, the horses and I consider ourselves Treasure Seekers. The treasure is your Inner AWEsome. You know, that light that warmth, that part that you already know and love or that part that you just can’t seem to find. Regardless of where you are in relation to your own Inner AWEsome, the Horses and I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is there and it can be bigger, better, louder and can lead you to the life that your deserve and desire!

Now, I do worry that my introverts out there are shrinking at the thought of being bigger, better, louder. I assure you, we each have our own version of what that means. It can be standing on the rooftop shouting to the world, or it can be standing alone in front of your mirror whispering to your heart..I am here, I love you and I am staying!!

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Disclaimer: I am a compassionate no B.S. coach. I am dedicated to you and your path. I partner with horses in my coaching and I also work alone when it is called for. There are multiple ways to work with me.

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