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Women’s Retreat – Australia

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This retreat is based on Sara Sherman’s TEDx Talk: Horses See Our Armor
Watch Sara’s TEDx Talk NOW
You can cick right to the nuts and bolts! If you would like more information then please keep reading!


Please complete the following sentence:
“I am _______________ .”

The statement ‘I AM’ is one of the most powerful in the English language. The words that follow ‘I AM’ are a declaration of self, to the world.

How did you answer that question? What are you declaring? What are you claiming? How does that feel?



Join us at Banyandah Naturally, in Howlong, Victoria as we explore this question with the help from some very beautiful and wise guides – Horses.

This 4 day retreat is led by Sara Sherman. Sara is an amazing, passionate and skilled coach and horsewoman that brings with her the knowledge of losing yourself, and then finding yourself, an understanding and caring soul that truly seeks to assist in your journey to Authenticity. When partnered with the horses of Banyandah, using the powerful Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, you will become a treasure seeker – the treasure. . . your Inner AWEsome.

In Sara’s popular TEDx Talk: Horses See Our Armor, we hear about Sara’s own healing journey with horses and the evolution of her ‘I AM’ statement. During the talk Sara shares her challenges with self-compassion and forgiveness. Sara talks about her belief that strength comes from vulnerability and that horses present us with an incredible “vulnerability opportunity”! An opportunity for personal growth and self-compassion!

There is a parallel between humans and horses and how we both feel driven to present an image of strength and impenetrability. When we present ourselves this way we are often hiding our authentic selves behind our armor. How different would your ‘I AM’ statement be if spoken from compassion and from your authentic self?

As we look at our ‘I AM’ statements we need to look at what motivates us and the stories we tell ourselves. We need to be willing to consider vulnerability, to explore our armor and how it hurts us as well as serves us. We have to be willing to look at the stories that have shaped our lives, the experiences that have created our armor, and we need to be willing to let go of what no longer serves us. We need to get the pen out and start writing some new stories! We need to find more self-compassion and embrace our authenticity!

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What you can expect:

  • Discovery of the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck.
  • Opportunity to be seen BY others, authentically, in a safe nurturing environment.
  • Honest, heartfelt conversations with like-minded women.
  • A deeper sense of connection to yourself.
  • Deeper insight into your triggers and what causes you to react in the moment rather than respond thoughtfully.
  • Deeper insight into your triggers and what causes you to react in the moment rather than respond thoughtfully.
  • Effective tools to add to your self-care toolbox.
  • A greater understanding of your armor and how it serves you as well as hurts you.
  • A new and powerful ‘I AM’ statement that is a passionate and empowered declaration!
  • FUN!
  • The Australian countryside!

During this retreat we will be dancing with all of these ideas and, most importantly, we will be doing it together with like-minded women at a beautiful location surrounded by horses!

Sara is an Equine Gestalt Coach and partners with horses in the majority of her coaching practice. During this process we interact with the horses on the ground as we honor their authenticity. Horses model and invite vulnerability, inviting us to see our stories, offering us a safe place to share them and explore their truth. Horses also invite huge compassion. Lots of it. Even if we don’t think we deserve it or don’t know how to accept it.




This is an ALL INCLUSIVE retreat. As we journey towards authenticity we want you to feel relaxed and taken care of.  This four days is ALL ABOUT YOU.

Download the I AM ME Flyer and share with your friend. Thank you.

Light House

Light House

Light House

Light House

when We will start at Wednesday 30th November (aim to arrive around 5pm) and end Sunday 3rd December at 3pm.

This all inclusive retreat will take place at Banyandah Naturally.

  • Sara, certified Equine Gestalt Coach, will partner with horses at Banyandah to support you throughout the retreat.
  • You will meet and work as a whole group each day. During these group sessions Sara and her equine coaching partners will be your guides.
  • Wholesome home made lunch and dinners are provided for, starting with the arrival dinner on Wednesday 30th November at 6pm.  Please note breakfast is not included but the accommodation has a kitchen where you can prepare your favorite breakfast.
  • Free Time – time for reflection, for meditation, to take a break, a walk, a swim or a ride.
  • A circle of women you will never forget. Even if circle’s of women aren’t your thing we challenge you to tell yourself a different story!
  • A circle of trust – what happens at Banyandah stays at Banyandah!

Banyandah Naturally is a 400 acre farm situated on the banks of the mighty Murray River in Howlong Victoria.  The property has an amazing feel that is a perfect fit for assisting you to step into your authentic self.  The property boasts The Light House which integrates the meeting area, teaching space, and accommodation, the Cattleman’s Hut, float parking, individual day yards, 3 sand arenas plus stables.  Step down into the flood plain where the play ground awaits – jumping logs, car wash, teeter totter, bridge and a large sand arena, and venture even further to where the land meets the water on the banks of the majestic Murray River, with its own private sand beach.

Upon entering the property, as you breathe the country air and surround yourself in this horse/human paradise you will feel like the world has stopped.

Ranch location map

how-muchLight House – AUD $1950
Cattleman’s Hut for Camping (must bring your own gear for sleeping) – AUD $1750



Banyandah Naturally Location

Plan time to go riding.

Banyandah Naturally is located on the Riverine Highway just outside of Howlong NSW. The closet airport is Albury NSW which is a 29min car trip. The closet major airport is Melbourne Victoria and is just over 3 hours from Howlong.

We will try our best to assist participants flying in to get from Albury airport so please email your travel plans to and she will try her very best to assist.


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