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Visioning Circle


4th Annual Visioning Circle

4th Annual Visioning Circle Weekend
January 19-20, 2019
10am – 4pm Daily
Investment: $295
Attendees: Maximum of 8/Minimum of 4

Six years ago I began using this yearly process to create my vision for the upcoming year. It is a small part of finding and maintaining my connection to self and what is possible in the world. Today I can honestly say I am living my dream. Part of making that dream a reality has been my dedication to this process!

For 2019 I am once again offering a Visioning Circle Weekend to provide a space for others to dedicate themselves to the same process. This weekend format offers some pretty cool benefits. Imagine yourself in our cozy Discovery Horse living room–fireplace lit, snacks and drinks at the ready, surrounded by people driven to take hold of their vision!

The Visioning Circle Weekend includes four classes targeting specific elements of visioning: Defining our Values, Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Celebration of Commitment. It also gives you dedicated time to truly step into the process and embrace what you are creating.

Defining our Values
Right now ask yourself “What is my #1 value?” Your answer is the main driver of your decision making process. Doesn’t it make sense that we would want to have clarity on our values when creating our vision? We will spend time discovering and prioritizing our values in a unique and powerful way.

Looking Back
We will be looking back to discover what has worked, what hasn’t, what we want and what we don’t want. We will be using 2018 as a road map to give us clarity on creating our vision for 2019.

Looking Forward
After looking back we have a better understanding of what needs to be different. With that understanding, and our clearly defined values we will look ahead at what we want to create in our lives in 2018 in a fun and systematic way that gives us manageable steps to achieving our goals.

Celebration of Commitment
This process is so much more than resolutions. There is no ‘wishing’ or ‘hoping’ it all goes okay. By this point in the process you will have created a clear road map for 2019 and we want to honor and celebrate your commitment. This small intimate group will serve as your accountability circle . . . feeling a part of something bigger can often give us that little extra push we needed to take the next best step!

When thinking about what ‘vision’ means I encourage you to think outside the box. This isn’t just for business folks, it is for ANYONE. If you are looking for clarity, direction and motivation in your life as a parent, a partner, an entrepreneur or a person looking for deeper meaning then this is a fit for you. The only question you need to ask yourself is:

“Would I benefit from having a clear vision in my life
with manageable steps to achieving those goals?”

If you said “YES” then get ready to make that happen!

I am keeping the group small intentionally. This intimate circle will create connection, inspiration and accountability. Our 2018 weekend was a HUGE success.

The weekend option gives you focused ‘YOU’ time. If you are anything like me your ‘to-do’ list needs its own ‘to-do’ list. During the weekend Circle, there won’t be the interruptions you have at home. No kids, dogs or spouses to wrestle for your time. This is all about you and want you want to create.

The weekend class is great for those who live longer distances from Dandelion Farm. Dandelion Farm does offer an Airbnb with one double bed. Check on availability before registering, please. There are many other local options as well. If you would like suggestions, please ask.


What people have said about working with Sara:

“This Vision Circle weekend was an opportunity to be guided and supported through the process looking inward on a personal level to plan for outward future plan for the year ahead. time so well spent.” – Lise L.

“I have a clear understanding of my toward and away values and how they affect my decisions and actions.” – Vision Circle Attendee

“I gained insight into what values in my own life I need to examine to continue to grow and be moving forward.” – Vision Circle Attendee

“Sara is incredibly skillful in helping people get the root of their experience.” – Vision Circle Attendee

This is not a horse related event.

Investment In Your Better Self – $295

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