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Together is Better Retreat – Montana

I am offering a couples retreat to move beyond ‘enough’! A retreat that will take place in Big Sky Country at Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch, voted by Travel & Leisure as one of the top 7 magnificent Montana guest ranches! Join me (Sara Sherman) in Montana for 4 epic days. Not only is this an opportunity to create a deeper connection in your relationship it is also a chance to have some real Big Sky FUN ~ Fishing, hiking, REAL trail riding, awesome food and more!

Check out the ranch website to see your Montana ‘home’ and continue reading below to learn about the coaching side of this retreat! Over the past few weeks, Ive been writing and creating the language to describe these 4 days.

Need more information, please keep reading.

Originally, I had plans for this retreat to be for women only – a women’s retreat. Over the past few weeks, I have been writing and creating the language to describe these 4 days.Part of that creation process is sharing it with certain people in my life whose opinions I value. 

Fast forward to lunch with a close friend. We met at a local pizza joint and enjoyed a slice and girl talk, which included relationship talk. She started talking about her relationship with her husband and where she felt it was lacking. She told me that she so desperately wanted to connect with him but her walls and his walls got in the way. She literally said, “We get so close to really seeing each other, without defenses, without judgment . . .and then we get scared and the walls go up.” To be clear, she is deeply dedicated to him, to their marriage. She is not giving up. It’s not broken, just bent. She wants more and believes that he does too. While she spoke she used her hands to demonstrate those walls . . . . the ARMOR (do you see where I am going? ). I stopped her right there and asked her to read what I had written for the women’s retreat. She loved it and asked, “Why isn’t this a couples retreat?”

(l  o  n  g  p  a  u  s  e)

She said, and this is what got me, “I go and do this self help stuff, I learn to let go and let in, I gain some tools and some strategies, I experience vulnerability and start to heal . . . and then I go home to the same tension filled environment”.

Ahhh . . . Good point, friend!

Now, to be clear, I think there are ways to integrate our own personal growth into relationships when our ‘other half’ hasn’t started their own healing journey. On the flip side . . . if we can do it together, then why the hell not!!!! Wouldn’t it be awesome to be on the same page as your partner when it comes to your relationship.

I decided then and there to make this a couples’ retreat. A retreat for you and your partner to take a deeper look at your relationship. Making the choice to join us in Montana is saying to yourself and to your partner, “There is more and we deserve it. This is a critical investment in our marriage.”

I have been with my partner, Matt, for over 16 years. We have one son and it has been a wild ride. I have been a self help junkie. Therapy, degrees, certifications. . . you name it. I love the complexity, pain and freedom that comes from a deep hard look at myself. Matt . . not so much. In fact, during my two years of training in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method I engaged in some of the most intensive self reflection, healing and self compassion I have ever participated in. Then I went home and Matt . . . was still Matt. He is an incredible man and an incredible father, but let’s be honest, his appetite for self reflection just isn’t as big as mine. We have made that work and, thankfully, he has been very patient with the many new ‘me’s’ who have appeared on the revolving door to finding and loving authentic Sara. He is patient, thank God. In truth, he sees in me what I cannot see in myself and I need those reminders. At present time, Matt is currently ¼ of his way through the same training process of becoming an Equine Gestalt Coach. That means he is now participating in his own journey of self exploration.

Which brings me back to my friend and her husband. I get it. I get what she is saying more than I can express. And thankfully I also get the other side. The side where we, Matt and I, are doing this together. We are finally on the SAME PAGE. Together really is Better!



This retreat is grounded in the philosophy that most couples want more from their relationships. In order to get more, we need to be willing to look at our own ‘side of the street’, what we bring to the relationship, and what we hide. We need to look at what motivates us and we need to look at what we fear. We need to be willing to consider vulnerability, to explore our armor and how it serves us. We have to be willing to look at the stories that have shaped our lives, created the armor, and we need to be willing to let go of some of those stories. We need to get the pen out and start writing some new stories! We need to find more self-compassion.

During this retreat we will be dancing with all of these ideas and, most importantly, we will be doing it together, with the people we love. It is through this experience you will develop such valuable insight into your ‘other half’, insight that leads to compassion, understanding and maybe even forgiveness. Quite certainly it will lead to some amazing conversations and to a level of connection you may not have thought possible.


And horses. Let’s talk about horses for a minute. As you have gathered I am an Equine Gestalt Coach and I partner with horses in the majority of my coaching practice. Most of this retreat will take place in the loving space of our equine partners and coaches. We don’t ride the horses during the coaching sessions. The horses are our guides. Horses model vulnerability. Horses invite vulnerability. Horses help us see our stories. Horses offer us a safe place to tell our stories and realize the truth that is, or is not. Horses invite compassion. Lots of it. Even if we don’t think we deserve it or don’t know how to accept it. Lastly horses give us excellent feedback on the state of our relationships. When a horse stands with you and your partner, the horse knows the truth and will guide you there if you are willing to listen. Read more about why I partner with horses.


I might suggest you watch the TEDx talk I gave in the fall of 2015 titled: Horses See Our Armor. It is an excellent way to gain insight into my work with horses. It is an excellent  description of what it FEELS like to be in a healing relationship with a horse.



This is an ALL INCLUSIVE retreat for you and your partner. We want you to focus on you and your partner. Bonanza Creek Ranch makes that super easy. We have limited this retreat to 8 spaces (4 couples) because we want you to get both group and individual attention from me and my Equine Partners.

when June 26th to June 30th 2016
We will start at 3 p.m. on the 26th and finish after lunch on the 30th, 1 p.m.


The retreat will take on several forms over the four days. Here is a basic idea of what to expect:

  • I am a certified Equine Gestalt Coach.  I will partner with horses at the ranch to support you throughout the retreat.
  • You will meet and work as a whole group, twice a day. During these group sessions me and my equine coaching partners will be your guides as you take a deeper look at yourselves and your relationship.
  • Each couple will receive an individual couples session with me  and the horses to take what you are learning in the group to a deeper level.
  • Couples Homework
    • We want you to leave with a bigger tool belt and a stronger commitment to yourselves and to each other. Over the 4 days you will ‘practice’ these tools outside of your coaching sessions so that when you go home you feel comfortable and have a plan that works. We want you to take back home the ‘feel’ of the retreat and the tools to keep that feeling alive.
  • Free Time
    • While couples are working alone with me, the rest of the group gets to go out and play, or rest. Bonanza Creek Ranch is a destination location with options for everyone.


Bonanza Creek Ranch is a family owned and operated 25,000 acre working cattle ranch. A herd of forty horses call the ranch home. Ranch lodging includes four log cabins. Meals are home cooked and include big country breakfasts, prime rib, and fresh baked desserts.

We want these 4 days to nurture all parts of you!

  • Each couple will have their own private cabin.
  • Nourishment for your body through good home cooked food
  • Nourishment for your heart, soul and mind through coaching with Sara and her equine partners.
  • Nourishment for that inner child who wants to have fun, think:
    • Hot Tubs
    • Massages
    • Hot Springs
    • Horseback Riding (if you are a horse lover this is the stuff dreams are made of) is included
    • Fishing
    • Hiking
    • Quiet Time (read a book, meditate, contemplate life or take a nap)

Ranch location map

how-much$2000 per person
That includes everything I have mentioned here.



Ranch Location
The AIRPORT is in Bozeman which is an hour and a half or (95 miles) from the Ranch. The Ranch offers transportation for a fee or you can rent a car.

Discovery Horse LLC

2748 County Rd 122
Fort Ripley, MN 56449

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