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We tell ourselves a lot of stories to make sense of our lives. It is these stories that create our armor. These stories are the steel in our chest plates and helmets.

Here are some of the stories I come across in my work coaching with the horses. Some of them have been my stories. Can you relate to any of them?

  • If I ask for what I need I will look needy and selfish.
  • If I don’t let anyone in, no one can hurt me.
  • I am not enough
  • If I am funny they will like me
  • If no one can ‘see’ me they can’t judge me
  • If I am mean/rude I am in control
  • If I am negative than no one and nothing can make it worse for me
  • If I am quiet no one will see me
  • If I act stupid then I don’t have to be responsible for or prove how smart I really am
  • What I DO defines me. And if I do it enough and do it well the rest doesn’t matter and no one will look.
  • If I take care of everyone else people will see my value and they won’t leave me, I won’t be alone.
  • If I slow down my life will catch up to me. Chaos.
  • If I am sick or not well no one will expect more from me.
  • If I am sick or sad, people will give me love and attention, because otherwise I don’t deserve it.

I am so passionate about this topic of stories. I actually have a few friends with whom I play a game called ‘story bashing’. We use each other to destroy the stories that keep us stuck and disconnected. Stories like . . . “okay friend, my story is that you think I look ridiculous” friend replies “I hadn’t noticed, I was thinking that you thought I looked ridiculous” ~ then we fall down in laughter at our own ridiculousness. Through this light hearted game I have found out that more often then not my story is truly mine and holds no weight in reality.

Let me be really really clear about what that means:

My stories are the narrative of my life = more often then not my story is truly mine and holds
no weight in reality = my story is not based in truth = my story isn’t true . . . . . .WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

Can you see the pattern? I can’t begin to tell you the freedom that comes with this realization. It is why I LOVE to work in groups. In groups, in circles, we get to SEE our stories reflected in others. We get to see how isolating our stories are, how damaging. We get to see we aren’t alone and that others are wrapped up in their own narratives. This is FREEDOM!

Working with us offers you a safe circle to start uncovering your stories. You can’t change them unless you understand them. We will begin to discover:

  • Where they come from
  • If they are serving or hurting us
  • If we are ready to write a new story

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