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School of Self One Day Retreat

School of Self One Day Retreat
One Day Retreat at Dandelion Farm – Home to Discovery Horse
October 30, 2020  –  9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Burnout, unending stress and conflict often feel unavoidable in the world today. We are capable and deserving of more than just enduring them.

Our practitioners will lead you through a transformative, equine-assisted experiential retreat on a beautiful working farm in the Brainerd Lakes Area. During our time together, our work will focus on deepening the connection with self, strengthening and developing new relational and communication strategies and increasing self-awareness and personal accountability.

Our goal is that you will leave feeling re energized, increased self compassion and well-being, improved capacity to mitigate personal and professional stressors and empowered to live your best life.

Investment In Yourself – $299
Limited scholarship assistance available
Participation is limited. Horse interaction is voluntary.


  • Lunch, light snacks and coffee/tea/water will be provided
  • We will be seated in our indoor arena. Horses may be present however they will be on the other side of a fence. If you plan to visit with the horses you will be required to wear closed toed shoes (no flip flops)
  • Please bring with you anything that will contribute to your own self care during this time . . .food, special clothing, blanket, drinks or favorite fidget.
  • Dress comfortably and in layers. The arena will be heated, blankets and space heaters will also be available. It will be comfortable. We promise!


Investment In Yourself – $299

Attendee Comments

Group discussions felt like sitting with a group of “old friends”. It was comfortable, open and welcoming. I learned a lot about myself in the reflection of others in that process.

Was an amazing healing experience.

Love the neurobiology aspect to connecting.

I don’t feel as alone with my thinking and frustrations, because other professionals in similar fields feel the same way, I just didn’t know it.

…we dropped in from the word “go”. The vulnerability and authenticity of the group was so powerful…I just want to live in that space with people on that level all the time!

What To Expect When You Arrive For School of Self


The greatest gift you can give to others is to find connection to yourself in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance in a connected whole. This group offers and a safe landing place to explore the places of you and your relationships with others that you have been avoiding. This experience provides a gentle holding in love that all of our hearts need in working in the healing profession.
School of Self participant

When I first came to School of Self I honestly was a skeptic and didn’t know what to expect. As I listened to the group and reflected on myself I realized how much I was giving to others and not thinking of my own self care. School of Self helped me open my eyes and heart and I am forever grateful for their team and all that I left with. A special thank you to Sara, Matt and Winston
~ Darla
School of Self participant

All of us need what School of Self offers, but it isn’t something most of us are taught or brought up to practice doing. We NEED connection to others, especially in the helping field, and we needed it yesterday. The more that people can experience things like SoS, the sooner we can all begin to change the culture of our work and personal lives to one of connection.
~ Cammie
School of Self Participant


COVID Friendly Policies

  • All sessions are held outdoors or in the barn or arena
  • All sessions are held with social distancing of 6 feet – chairs will be spaced appropriately
  • The bathroom is available. Masks are required in-doors.
  • We have clorox wipes and hand sanitizer available.
  • Masks for Group Sessions: We ask that you wear a mask when you exit your car until you have found your seat in the arena. Once in your seat you can un-mask. We ask that you wear your mask when you get up to move around, use the bathroom or refill your drink/snacks. We will have a group discussion when we open the circle to be sure we are all comfortable and consenting to the safety plan.

***MASK ALTERNATIVES: We are aware that some people have very legitimate reasons for not wearing a mask. If you choose not to wear a mask for this reason we ask that you do 2 things:

  1. When you receive your ‘getting ready’ email we request you email us back and let us know you are choosing to not wear a mask. No questions will be asked. This lets us know what to expect and also lets us know you got this email and are making a choice not to wear a mask rather than wondering if you didn’t read the email and therefore didn’t realize masks were requested.
  2. When you arrive please keep a minimum of 8 feet distance from all people and go directly to the seating area in the arena. We will simply ask that you not visit the snack table or restrooms when there are others in the general area.


Cancellation Policy

Location: Discovery Horse/Dandelion Farm
2748 County Rd 122, Fort Ripley, MN 56449





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2748 County Rd 122
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