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Are you feeling stuck? I mean stuck in the same pattern, the same relationship, the same story? Are you looking for more abundance in your life? More peace? More contentment? Happiness?
Happiness is a state of being, of living in the now, having faith that what you need will be provided. It is realizing that your personal agenda is nothing but just that, YOUR personal agenda. Happiness is realizing that your attachment to your thoughts cause your own suffering. Happiness is being in the NOW and knowing, on a deeper level, that everything is perfect and as it should be. It is when you interject your own agendas and stories that life starts to spin out of control and you lose ‘happiness’. The ONLY control you have are the CHOICES you make!

Say it with me: “The only control I have are the CHOICES I make!

The power of that statement is immense. Own it, choose it, and experience peace and abundance in your life, today and everyday!

Workshop Themes:
Touched by Addiction
Women’s Discovery
Stress Management
Embracing Change
Personal Empowerment
Find your Path for Teens
Siblings of Children with Disabilities

Workshop Options:
Full Day
½ Day




Our Discovery Horse retreats are small and intimate, usually between 8 and 10 people. If you don’t see a retreat to fit your needs chances are there are others who feel the same way. Discovery Horse invites you to suggest a retreat that fits your needs and we will do our best to make it happen!

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