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School of Self

School of Self
Fostering a shift in the way that professionals understand themselves
in order to provide more effective service to others.

School of Self provides professionally facilitated trainings and groups to support individuals and teams who operate in connection-based fields. We offer School of Self 101 and Advanced School of Self trainings.

sos-groupThe process, EMOTIONALLY SAFE COMMUNITY BUILDING™, is based on the idea that community starts with self. This concept/process, coined by Discovery Horse, has been the catalyst to their community-based approach and its success. Emotionally Safe Communities offer a place where trust is built, mistakes are opportunities, compassion is cherished, courage is cultivated, and connection is sacred.

School of Self provides an experiential process designed to deepen connection to self which in turn strengthens relationships with others. Working in tandem with our team, groups will practice new relational and communication strategies which can:

  • Improve communication in personal and professional relationships
  • Decrease compassion fatigue
  • Deepen connection to self and increase capacity to connect to others
  • Increase self care and boost morale
  • Encourage an improved sense of self and community
  • Address the inherent issues of compartmentalization
  • Increase overall job performance and satisfaction


A word about horses:
When weather permits these groups will be conducted in the arena with equine support. BUT: These groups are about you. Not about horses. If you don’t care for them or don’t know them . . please don’t worry. Your level of comfort/like/dislike of horses will have very little bearing on the efficacy of this group.



School of Self Partnership
School of Self partners with the College of St. Scholastica to offer CEU’s through their social work department. CEU’s are available for our MN based retreats/trainings only.



Connection. It is what drives and sustains us in our lives; personally and professionally. Working in a helping field provides us many chances to connect with others who we can serve, but how many of us are having regular and meaningful connection to those who can support and sustain us from within the field? School of Self at Discovery Horse provides the place and the skills to create that necessary and needed connection within our workplaces and within the culture of helping professions. The benefits of building these connections are innumerable and have the power to create lasting, sustainable relationships to combat burnout and high turnover rates. Take the time to invest in yourself, your staff/peers, and the power of connection that Sara and her team create. You won’t regret a moment.
~Erin W.

Sara makes an art out of exploring connection.
~School of Self participant

Discovery horse provides a powerful opportunity to examine one’s own genuineness in personal and professional life. I liked that we didn’t focus on our roles in our professional life, but had a chance to identify who we are as individual. Holding space for one another in a safe environment was opportunity for all to examine the relationship with self. I have felt a shift in my being that will benefit my personal and professional growth.
~Rachael W.



Customize a School of Self experience for your team, group or organization!
Our 2 day, retreat style event is our public offering within the School of Self program. We offer these retreats periodically throughout the year . . with and without horses. We also offer customized training and groups to fit the needs of YOUR community agency, team or organization. Remember . . . the primary focus of SOS is to deepen the relationship we have with self . . .so that we may better the relationships we have with others and more effectively use the tools of our trade. We do provide tools and offer resources of course, but the truth is, most people come to us with more than enough training. What is often missing is the access individuals have to that training, especially when under pressure.

Here are some examples what a few of our customized programs have entailed. Don’t forget we can come to you. We supply these as a way to demonstrate the many ways SOS can be utilized and implemented:

  • Large group experiential presentations/training
  • Small group experiential presentations & consultations
  • Classroom/Office observation and consultation
  • 1 on 1 consultation sessions
  • Customized retreat experience – Short Format/Long Format
  • Large group experiential presentation/training
  • On-going staff support group

Self-Care Series Trainings



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