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School of Self 101 Trainings

School of Self 101

School of Self 101There are currently no School of Self: 101 events on the calendar. Please check back for additional opportunities.







A message from Sara ~
Impostor Syndrome : Exhaustion : Fear : Connection

Working in tandem with our team, you will practice new relational and communication strategies which can:

  • improve communication in personal and professional relationships
  • decrease compassion fatigue
  • deepen connection to self and increase capacity to connect to others
  • increase self care and boost morale
  • encourage an improved sense of self and community
  • address the inherent issues of compartmentalization

The process we will be utilizing, EMOTIONALLY SAFE COMMUNITY BUILDING™, is based on the idea that community starts with self. This concept/process, coined by Discovery Horse, has been the catalyst to their community-based approach and its success. Emotionally safe communities offer a place where trust is built, mistakes are opportunities, compassion is cherished, courage is cultivated, and connection is sacred.

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Financial support is available! Financial support is available! We mean it. We also recognize that asking for help can be hard. I personally (Sara) have not liked asking for help . . .especially when I am asking for assistance from my peers. People who’s opinion of me matter. People with whom I am concerned I will lose ‘clout’ if I appear incompetent. Can anyone relate? One of topics we discuss, and practice, in SOS is the art and struggle of making requests.If you need financial assistance please ask us how we can help and get started advocating for yourself before you even sit in our circle!


School of Self Partnership
School of Self partners with the College of St. Scholastica to offer CEU’s through their social work department. CEU’s are available for our MN based retreats/trainings only.


In order to effectively serve people, we, the professionals, need our own connection. The school of self was an amazing experience that we all need in our ongoing lives in order to learn how to balance our personal and our chaotic professional careers. Our own connection to self needs to be #1.
~ Leigha

The greatest gift you can give to others is to find connection to yourself in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance in a connected whole. This group offers and a safe landing place to explore the places of you and your relationships with others that you have been avoiding. This experience provides a gentle holding in love that all of our hearts need in working in the healing profession.
~ Amy N.

Location: Discovery Horse/Dandelion Farm
2748 County Rd 122, Fort Ripley, MN 56449

Discovery Horse LLC

2748 County Rd 122
Fort Ripley, MN 56449

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