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Pay What You Can Retreat


Ages 18 and Up | Saturday,  September 10th | 11am to 5pm | Bag Lunch provided

You read that right! Pay what you can! This is for those of you that are really curious about what we do BUT haven’t been willing to commit for various reasons, such as:

  • I don’t like/know horses
  • This all seems a bit over the top or ‘woo woo’
  • My life rocks
  • My shoes might get dirty
  •  Horse are just for riding aren’t they
  • The word ‘change’ freaks me out
  • There is no ‘AWEsome’ inside me
  • It’s just too expensive
  • I shouldn’t spend this much money on myself
  • I am too busy
  • I am too busy taking care of everyone else

If any of those fit, then join us and see what everyone is talking about. Spend six hours experiencing the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. Chances are you won’t see yourself, or horses, the same way.

Perspective on what to pay:
A 2 hour, private session, with Sara and the horses is $195
A 1 hour phone session with Sara is $85
A typical adult day retreat with Discovery Horse is $195-$295

*The only caveat I have for this retreat is a minimum of $25. At the very least that will cover your bag lunch, administrative fees and carrots for the horses.

I offer you this insight not to guilt you into paying more. I truly want you to pay what you can. There will be no judgment. I offer this with an open heart and excitement to introduce this work to those that have been on the fence. I am so committed to this coaching process that I am convinced if you join us, it won’t be the first and LAST time. We are a growing community at Dandelion Farm. We find that once a person finds their way here . . . they want to come back. Again and Again.

The focus of our day is discovering your Inner AWEsome!
At Discovery Horse we believe that EVERYone has one . . .we sometimes just forget it’s there!
We want to help you remember!

So now it’s up to you. What can you pay?
What are YOU worth?



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