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Passion Fatigue Retreat


Passion Fatigue Retreat

An experiential weekend to support professionals who are in the business of supporting others
July 27-29, 2018

Helping professionals are a unique lot, generally driven by a passion, often sparked by a personal experience. We tend to have a fire for what we are doing. We tend to give of ourselves generously. We tend to believe deeply in what we are doing. And we tend to get disillusioned or “burnt out” if we are not careful.

As entrepreneurs in the helping profession we have the additional challenge of balancing our passion and our profit … to give generously of ourselves but not overlook our own value … to honor our passion, and also assess the market and offer what is needed.

Now add in that we also have a personal life … that sometimes personal things crop up and we find ourselves uncharacteristically off balance, trying to juggle the demands of a personal issue, our business and our client’s intense needs. This can get a bit overwhelming at times… and lead to Passion Fatigue.

louisPassion Fatigue differs from the more common, Compassion Fatigue. While our compassion for our clients and our drive to serve remain intact, our passion for serving in our own unique way, utilizing our special gifts, and drawing on our personal experience. . . falters.

Our clients count on us to take care of ourselves so we can support them. We, the professional, need ways to keep ourselves grounded, connect with others who understand our unique situation, and rekindle the original passion that started us on this path in the first place.


b : intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction

b : a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept

Passion is a strong word and one most entrepreneurs would say they cannot succeed without. And yet so many entrepreneurs get into the building of their businesses and wake up one day to realize the passion that got them started feels like it is driving them into the ground.

And therein lies the conflict. Building a business can be hard. Building a business that supports others carries another unique challenge … we need to be present. We need to connect with our clients, carry enthusiasm and inspire others to look at what we have to offer. 

When we are experiencing Passion Fatigue, inspiring others can be exhausting and the effort of making the passion a reality becomes overwhelming.

You might have passion fatigue if you have thought:

  • This isn’t how I pictured it…
  • This isn’t what I thought it was going to be…
  • Nobody told me that…
  • I am so tired of…
  • Something has to give…
  • ‘The Dream’ has turned into ‘the grind’…


The Team

Devon Combs
Heather Kirby
Sara Sherman

This retreat brings you 3 entrepreneurs who have personal experience with Passion Fatigue and the vigilance necessary to come out the other side.

Devon, Heather and Sara each own their own successful business. Each of these women has figured out how to combat Passion Fatigue and truly turn their passion into a profit while still remaining deeply connected to the work they do.

circle with horseOur team of coaches and horses will help you reconnect to the fire in your belly that you had when you first began your profession. They will help you get clear on how to tell a “Hell, yes!” from a “Hell, no!” and what you need to release in your business in order to move forward. Recommit to your vision and your mission with the help of nature’s most intuitive animals…horses.

Experience getting outside the box and into the arena with horses who are masterful at helping you move your energy and get unstuck. Reconnect to your joy, purpose and passion through hands-on interactions with horses…

There is no horse experience necessary to benefit from this retreat. All work will be done on the ground. 



The first annual Passion Fatigue retreat is happening: July 27-29, 2018

We will meet:
9 – 5 on Friday
9 – 5 on Saturday
9-3 on Sunday

Lunch, light snacks and all materials are included.

We will be gathering at Dandelion Farm, home of Discovery Horse.

We are located near Brainerd, MN at 2748 County Rd 122, Fort Ripley, MN 56449. 

Investment In Yourself
In honor of this being the first year, we are offering an unprecedented rate:
Early Bird rate good until midnight on May 28th (Memorial Day) – $695

Two Early Bird Options:
1. $695 paid in full
2. 2 installments of $350 (day of registration & on July 13th)
Please view our cancellation policy.


After May 28th – $795
Payment Options

1. $795 if paid in full
2. 2 installments of $400 (day of registration and on July 13th)

The Brainerd Lakes area is a mecca for summer vacationing . . . we are flush with beautiful resorts and private stay spaces. Arriving a little early or staying a few days late might be the perfect way to make this trip both personally and professionally fulfilling!!

For lodging and fun things to do in the Brainerd area, visit

Discovery Horse

2748 County Rd 122
Fort Ripley, MN 56449

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