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Natural Lifemanship Training

Natural Lifemanship Trainings at Discovery Horse in 2019

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In 2017 Discovery Horse was introduced to Natural Lifemanship. Today we require that all of our staff become certified through Natural Lifemanhip . . .whether they work with horses or not. The principals of Natural Lifemanship are life changing and can be applied within any modality of practice. But wait . . . this isn’t just for professionals. It is for all relationships. Parents, spouses, co-workers. . . .. This year we are hosting 4 trainings on our farm. We hope you will consider joining us. All of our animal partners are familiar with these principals and are eager to support your learning.

Save money!
Natural Lifemanship is offering discounts. $100 for the Fundamentals trainings and $200 discount for Intensive training  and Spiritual Connection.  To receive your discount you must enter a discount code at registration. 

If you are a Natural Lifemanship Member and have previously attended a Fundamentals Training then you can attend another Fundamentals training as a returnee with full participation at $275. For the Intensive Training, you need to have previously attended an Intensive and be a member, but you are only able to AUDIT the training and not participate in it. The fee for this is $275. If you would like to attend either training as a returnee, you must phone or text:
Kaye Barefield

2019 Trainings at Discovery Horse

The Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship
June 8th & 9th
2 Day Training
9am to 5pm daily
Discount code: NLF-20190608MN-HM
Discount Rate: $100 off registration
June 8-9

Introduction to Natural Lifemanship
August 2nd
1 Day Training
10am to 4pm
August 2

The Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship
August 3rd & 4th
2 Day Training
9am to 5pm daily
Discount code: NLF-20190608MN-HM
Discount Rate: $100 off registration
August 3-4

Natural Lifemanship for Spiritual Connection
September 13th – 15th
3 Day Training
Discount code: NLSC-20190913MN-HM
Discount Rate: $200 off registration
September 13-14




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