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Masterson Method Equine Specialist

Masterson Method

Masterson Method® Equine Specialist
Facilitating bodywork as an equine-assisted activity
May 29-31, 2020
Discovery Horse – Fort Ripley, MN

Bodywork to Deepen Connection with Horses
Do you want to help horses release tension and find greater ease of movement? Do you want to help people in equine-assisted learning or therapy (EAL/T) programs connect better with horses?

The Masterson Method® Certified Equine Specialist* learns and teaches program staff, volunteers, and participants how to help horses release tension using this gentle bodywork. It’s a great connecting activity to add to your toolbox that serves your whole program from horses to participants!

About The Masterson Method
The Masterson Method is an interactive method of equine bodywork where you engage the horse to assist with the release of neuromuscular pain and tension in order to improve health and performance. You follow the horse’s visible responses to touch and stay beneath their bracing point to yield a
neuromuscular release. It requires self-awareness and self-regulation to help yield a release, naturally improving the horse-human relationship.

In This 3-Day Training You Will:

  • Learn the fundamental principles of The Masterson Method
  • Gains hands-on experience practicing select techniques on therapy horses
  • Learn how to help a horse that is bracing, fidgeting or shut down
  • Learn the specific roles and responsibilities of the Equine Specialist
  • Plan and practice components of a facilitated bodywork session

Learn more about Masterson Method© Equine Specialist

*Please Note:  Post-training Fieldwork prepares you to practice.

Who Should Attend
Professionals in EAA/T programs (adaptive riding instructors and equine-assisted coaches or therapists) and others with horse experience interested in helping
people connect with horses, etc.

Two years of experience safely handling horses on the ground and reading the Beyond Horse Massage book ($32.95) prior to training.

Fee: $595
If you attended the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar you are eligible for a $50 discount. Please email the dates and location of your seminar to for the code.


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