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Jasper and Clark


Jasper and Clark


Discovery Horse has new herd members and they need your help!

Because we know you’re busy, here’s the “Too Long/No Time To Read” right up front:
We’re raising money for the physical and emotional needs of our new friends, Clark and Jasper. You can help us by:
Donating – even $5 helps

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First, we want to introduce you to our new friends: Clark, a mini horse, and Jasper, a mini donkey.

Now we have to talk about a difficult topic: trauma. Despite the best intentions of their previous owner, Clark and Jasper have had a difficult life. Their health needs were neglected. They were bullied by young children. They experienced abuse at the hands of farriers and vets–people they should have been able to trust to protect them.

(These pictures show how unhealthy Clark and Jasper’s feet are even after our farrier, Kim, has removed several inches of hoof.)

They see the world of humans as a scary place, a place where they have been dominated and abused, a place where they have had little to no choice or control in their relationships. They carry lots of armor and defensive strategies in their little bodies. They are no longer willing to cooperate in their own self-care, fighting anyone who tries to treat their life-threatening problems.

Here at Discovery Horse, we believe in second chances. We don’t give up on anyone–human or animal–just because they haven’t yet learned the rules for healthy relationships. You might say we specialize in seeing hard-to-love souls and reminding them of their own value.

We see potential radiating from Clark and Jasper. They may have lots of armor on right now, but we believe that with enough love and patience, they will turn their tragic background into a special understanding for clients of all ages who can relate to experiences of neglect, bullying, abuse, fear, abandonment and trauma. One day, if Clark and Jasper choose, we hope to partner with them as role models, even coaches who demonstrate the power of connection and the strength in resilience. (Spoiler Alert: They’ve already begun to connect with many of our young clients!)

Before they can focus on their roles at Discovery Horse, we need to take care of their physical needs. Clark and Jasper’s hooves have been severely neglected, starting to spiral back on themselves. Our wonderful farrier, Kim, has already started the slow process of addressing this, but it’s going to take numerous small trims (something they currently find terrifying) over the course of a year or more to get them back to healthy. In the meantime, their hoof problems are contributing to weight problems, skeletal and muscular issues, and is even closely connected to tooth issues. They will need to see specialists to help their bodies find balance and comfort again as their feet return to normal.

That’s where YOU come in! We’re asking everyone who loves Discovery Horse and recognizes the value of what we do to help us help Jasper and Clark. It is our goal to raise $5000 to go directly toward the care and rehabilitation of our new friends, including:

  • Housing Structure and Fencing
  • Bedding
  • Quality Hay
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Hoof Care
  • Tooth Care
  • Chiropractics
  • Masterson Method Body Work
  • Worming Treatments
  • Vaccinations
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Halters and Leads
  • Cold Weather Gear


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