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KKKirsten Kairos
My name is Kirsten Kairos, pronounced Keeersten. As this is often a challenging name for many, I also answer to KK!

I am a heartful human, who has lived the experience of many paths this life: I am a musician / sound guide, voice over artist, bodyworker, birth doula, kundalini yoga instructor, Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitator, and creator of THE SPIRITED MANE: The Wilderness Medicine of Equus, Sound, Body & Breath. I have gathered decades of experience both from my own quest for intense immersive healing and from my desire to support others in understanding their own gift of healing wisdom. For me, sound, movement and rhythm has always been a beautifully meaningful way to relate to others regardless of language barriers, inviting awareness of the subtle realm and of our oneness, while still honoring our unique expression. I offer workshops and events in New York City and across the country for those seeking deeper connection to self and other, life change, more creativity, authentic alignment with the heart’s desire and self-healing. I also work alongside other community leaders as we co-facilitate immersion retreats in nature with a focus on honoring our innate ability to heal and to bring forth more conscious living through the use of sound, body & breath as medicine. After a major car crash in 2002, I began working with sound in new ways to further support my own healing, and while living in NYC, I created my Candlelight Sound Sanctuary: A Journey with Sound Medicine – a ceremonial sound experience, as an intercultural, interfaith and socio-economic outreach and bridging project, which I offer ongoing in small towns and large cities across the country. I am currently on the road full-time often supported by donations, driving my trusty Jeep cross-country (at times with my 6×12 cargo trailer in tow), seeing our extraordinary country and meeting old and new friends and having meaningful conversations with…and most importantly… without words. See you somewhere on the path!

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Kirsten Kairos
The Spirited Mane
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Kirsten Kairos
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Dory PerryDory Perry
Dory is a writer, musician and filmmaker who certified as a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator in June of 2005 through the Grof Transpersonal Training. Having spent most of her life working in the arts, she has a particular interest in the power of writing and visual storytelling as healing and integrative practices.

She is originally from the tropics but currently resides in Pittsburgh, where she offers Holotropic Breathwork workshops several times a year. She also serves on the facilitating teams of additional workshops throughout the U.S.



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