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Authentically You Catalyst

Authentically You Catalyst℠
Coaching and Consultation for Experiential Group Process Facilitators

Sara and Yogi

Putting the authentic YOU into..

  • Project Design:
    • Curriculum Development
    • Workshop & Retreat Development
  • Facilitation Excavation
  • Business Cultivation
  • Professional Development Retreats
    • Personal Growth for Professional Growth

My name is Sara Sherman and I am a mom, an entrepreneur, a coach, a partner, and a catalyst to authenticity and action! I am creative and a visionary. I don’t think highly of boxes and I love creating safe space for Vulnerability opportunities℠. I am a pursuer of personal growth and a lover of human behavior and group dynamics.

I have been professionally partnering with horses since the year 2000. What I know to be true—what my life and my work has taught me—is that horses AND humans seek authenticity and congruency.

I have a knack for using words that people don’t like or think I should steer away from. ‘Awesome’ for example. When I started Discovery Horse my tagline was ‘Find Your Inner AWEsome’. Many folks thought I was nuts. I did it anyway. The word ‘Catalyst’ is another one. I have ALWAYS resonated with the word catalyst and I have always wanted to use it in a professional manner. However, it doesn’t really have a ‘ring’ to it . . .Authentically You Catalyst . . .but you know what? It’s me. Time and time again I have found that when I TRUST ME and GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY ~ Worlds open up. When I am Authentically Me I am unstoppable and I want to help you feel the same way!

Who Can Benefit From Working With Authentically You Catalyst℠ (AYC)

  • Professional coaches, therapists, educators and healers that work in a group setting
  • Facilitators of experiential processes
  • Equine guided professionals that have completed certification or licensure
  • Those who share the AYC vision of horses and their role in healing work
  • Entrepreneurs seeking clarity of their ‘why’
  • Individuals willing to get clear, get real and co-create an impactful and memorable experience for others


AYC Horse Philosophy:
The AYC basic horse philosophy starts with the development of a healthy relationship that is grounded in respect, trust, choice and compassion. We believe in partnership instead of power, willingness instead of compliance, and choice instead of submission.

We operate under the 4 Pillars of Partnership℠:

  1. Be Curious
  2. Be Present
  3. Be Honest
  4. Be Kind


The Authentically You Catalyst℠ website is in the works. Up until now we have been operating on word of mouth. We will keep you updated and if you want to be kept in the loop beyond social media then please join our Discovery Horse Mailing List and mark your interest as ‘Authentically You’ when prompted!


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Project Design

There are many equine-based boilerplate curriculums a person can purchase and utilize in their practices. Many of these curriculums can be effective, however I see one major flaw in this process . . . the curriculum isn’t yours. I believe that to effectively work with others, especially youth and horses, we must be authentic. As facilitators, we must know our strengths and our struggles and we must recognize our triggers to the best of our ability. We MUST do our personal work to be our best professional selves.

Once we know and understand these fundamentals, we can create a customized curriculum that fits like a glove. The outcomes of a curriculum that fit are monumental and a customized curriculum is the gift that keeps on giving. Literally.

When working with my first AYC client, the focus was to co-create a six-week curriculum for youth. The end product so personalized to the client’s style, worldview and ‘why’; they have been able to take the components and format them to fit with groups of educators and other groups of adults and youth that visit their facility. They have even used parts of the curriculum with their individual clients and families. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

My goal is to support you in creating a program that is aligned with your personal truth and vision in the world. With that alignment, the path to success becomes much clearer and the potential for a lucrative income stream for your business increases substantially. Having a clear understanding of what matters to you in the world and in your work is the initial step. Clarity of values–personal and professional–is imperative. I will support you in finding that clarity through professional coaching and sharing of my own real-time experience.

Together we will cultivate and marry your vision philosophy with your vision of practice. You can get clear and take action. Once complete you will be in possession of a product that is Authentically You!

Facilitator Excavation

Managing a group is one thing. Facilitating a positive and effective experience for your group is another. I will support you in finding and creating finesse in your facilitation style. It is my belief system that your success as a facilitator directly affects the perceived value and success of any group we run.

Authenticity & vulnerability as facilitators are a fine line and a line worth understanding on a deep level. Part of your work with me will include both skills and tools for effective group process. We will also be engaging in what I like to call Facilitator Cultivation. We dig deep and find what calls you to be the facilitator of a group, what do you fear, what do you love. Facilitator Cultivation allows you to develop skills while discovering and cultivating self awareness as it applies to your role as a facilitator. As a facilitator you carry deep responsibility for the lives of others. When we invite someone to step into our circles we are asking them to trust us. They are trusting that we have been there and that we will show up with compassion and without an agenda. If we do not do our own internal cultivation we WILL approach our clients with an agenda and that does not serve them.

Areas of focus will include:

  • Facilitation vs teaching
  • Personal triggers
  • Population specific strategies
  • Group Energy vs Individual Energy
  • Ego and facilitation
  • Finding your ‘why’ AND your ‘why not’
  • Transparency: meeting needs or getting needs met
  • Self Care
  • Companion Animal/Partner Care
  • Cultivation and maintenance of safe space



Upcoming Facilitator Trainings

In the future I will be offering immersive facilitator training retreats at Dandelion Farm. I will also be available to host these training retreats at other locations in the US.

Our future vision includes virtual training sessions and a facilitation membership site. Above all else we are creating a community and once you step in, at any level, it is going to be pretty hard to shake us!



How to get started

Service Possibilities:

  • Curriculum Development
    • Co-creation of a series based curriculum. In Person or on the phone.
    • On-site options available
    • Example: 4 week “What About Me” series for mother’s
    • Example: 6 week resiliency program for high school students
  • Facilitation Excavation
    • Attend a Facilitation Excavation retreat at Dandelion Farm or inquire about hosting one yourself. 2-3 days in length. Includes facilitation skills as well as personal work utilizing the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™
  • Workshop & Retreat Development
    • Co-creation of a workshop or retreats that are anywhere from 1-7 consecutive days.
  • Business Cultivation
    • Business coaching & consulting. Ongoing or on an ‘as-needed’ basis.
  • Retreat: Personal Growth for Professional Growth
    • Personal growth retreats for professional therapists and coaches who partner with animals in their practices.


As I said above. Word of mouth has been my only marketing strategy. I decided to do this slow launch in an attempt to:

Get out of my own way  .. . . my perfection monster has been holding me back

Start the conversation. I have found that I LOVE this aspect of my work and truthfully can’t wait to do more!

So . . .if you want more information or are interested in starting a conversation about your engagement with Authentically You Catalyst℠ then let’s do that.

Questions, ideas, burning desire to get started? Email: with ‘Authentically You’ in the subject line and we will be in touch.

Interested in the curriculum or retreat development process? Let us know and we will email you a written questionnaire and set up a free, 1 hour call, to discuss the future. If facilitation is your jam then we will be in touch to discuss opportunities.


I will be setting two dates in the near future:

Facilitator Cultivation Retreat ~  2 days at Dandelion Farm

Self Care for the Animal Assisted Practitioner – A 2 day professional growth retreat for those serving in partnership with animals. Focus will be on self care and partner support.

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