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Authentically You Catalyst℠ Testimonials

Authentically You Catalyst℠ Testimonials
Coaching and Consultation for Experiential Group Process Facilitators


Curriculum Development

Amy Monea
Heard Through Wellness Youth Program
6 Week Equine Based Youth Program
Alberta, Canada

If your goal is to be able to confidently market and implement a program that is unique to your organization and personal values, temperament and vision, Sara is wonderful to work with. Her professionalism and lived experience through the vision to development, implementation, marketing and networking, along with now public speaking, have shaped her facilitation into a down to earth, compassionate and effective facilitator. In working through this process, you will experience your own growth and awareness as you gain clarity on your vision and how you are going to get there.

  • I am aware that Sara has significant experience working with youth, both high risk populations as well as main stream, and that she had worked to develop much of her own programming. It is my understanding that she has built a successful career in a small rural community which is inspiring. Also, knowing Sara it was easy to decide that we wanted to work with her. Her personality is honest and fun. It is a joy working with her and having her guidance.
  • I preferred the customized program because I like flexibility and being able to manipulate the pieces to best meet the needs of the client. I believe in flexibility in session as well which this lends itself well to. Also, Angie and I bring our own gifts to the work we do, and developing a program based on our uniqueness was idea.
  • The support through email and skype calls in addition to the facilitation of the curriculum development was awesome. It helped to work out some bugs and continue to ,modify our program through that first round of implementation.
  • Being able to know that our program is built on our own values and beliefs makes it easier to talk about because we are not trying to fit our own beliefs to the program, rather the program already fits! It also helped in terms of co-facilitation and working out how our values and expectations play out in session.
  • Sara rocked being approachable, genuine and professional. She clearly listened and heard our needs and vision and gave us ample opportunity to work through the exercises and steps she had laid out.


Video Testimonial from Amy. On a windy day in Alberta. 




Angie Payne
Equine Enrichment 
6 Week Equine Based Youth Program
Alberta, Canada

We received a 5 year contract with a School Division in Alberta, Canada and with the help of Sara Sherman we developed a six week curriculum to serve all students within the division consisting of 52 schools.

  • It was important to build a program that was exactly what my partner and I had envisioned with our own values, purpose and mission. Now that we have it in place, it can be adjusted to the various needs that are brought to us.
  • Sara Sherman spent a lot of time with us as a team going over the individual approaches and then combining them. We were able to understand each other better and our partnership only deepened through the process.
  • We walked into our first program with confidence knowing that our program was well thought out and had the ability to be shifted if needed.
  • Sara is a GREAT listener. She was able to hear what wasn’t being said and created a safe place for my partner and I to explore our differences and similarities. I think Sara rocks – period!
  • Once the program is in place you will not have to spend anymore on developing a program. It can be used for any group that might come knocking on your door. A one time investment that will last a very long time.



Julia MacMonagle
The SHINE Program 
7 Week Farm Based Empowerment Curriculum for Mother’s & Daughters, Boys and Girls
Longmont, Colorado

Sara is clear, concise AND heart centered. I felt she had the experience I was looking for and, for me, her similar background and typology were an added bonus. There are plenty of coaches out there but I knew not just anyone could have walked me through my process. After working with Sara I am able to confidently talk about what I do—this was huge for me!

The money? Well, it was a leap of faith…maybe not a leap, more like a hop because I KNEW hiring Sara was the next step I needed to take. If you are ready to start something new or change up the way you currently do things—hire Sara. You will work hard and do some soul searching as you work through your reasons for wanting what you want—but when you’re finished you have your marketing and web copy, an ability to clearly communicate what you do, and a straight forward path to achieving your goals. (And I continue to use her process as I launch new ideas.) Sara was the key component to getting my business off the ground.




Michelle Noffze
Facilitator for Northern Plains Equine Assisted Practitioners:
A continuing education and collaboration group of Professionals and Equine Specialists who use the human horse bond to facilitate healing and education through equine assisted psychotherapy, equine assisted physical therapy and equine assisted learning. 
North Dakota, USA

Sara Sherman is a innovative, no-nonsense Equine Assisted Practitioner who can easily flow from the authentic personalization language needed for clarity, to language reflecting current trends and research using knowledge and concepts for advancing and collaborating on a global scale.   She IS authentic, and that shows through in her curiosity and wonder about each and every client’s desires and potential.  Sara excels at the skill of maximizing the growth potential of each person or group, and celebrates achievements as she holds whatever space necessary for her clients to step into their own brilliance.  

I brought the idea in facilitation of Northern Plains Equine Assisted Practitioners workshop to you because as an organization we had gone through so much change, lost members, and got stuck on policy for many years.  We had lost site of why the group was created in the first place, and that re-focus on authenticity is what we needed to get back on track collaboratively helping people and animals.  Your facilitation  I call it ‘re-focus for groups’ was transformational   What needed to be grieved was care-fully handled.  What needed to be celebrated, was accentuated.  What needed to be mended, was enlightened.  Within our group dynamics, having addressed these three areas, we were able then to re-focus and be cohesive as a group again.  You rocked our world.  The partnerships in collaboration are 10 fold stronger than they were before the workshop, and ‘authentic acceptance’ of each other’s differences was achieved and celebrated.

Perhaps I didn’t have this total vision when I invited you to facilitate a group workshop for us, but as I explained some of our road blocks you saw through all the garbage that was weighing us down as a group and gave us a air-blimp to ride to the next level of our businesses.  You enlightened us with a birds eye view of some some of the dead-end maze paths that were keeping us stuck as a group, and helped us sail to new adventures and collaborations.  My favorite part was the acknowledgement of was keeping us stuck and the brilliant facilitation out of that cognitive rigidity back to the authentic free-flow of collaboration and idea sharing. #LovedIt!

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