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word-armorLet’s talk about Armor . . . . we all have it. It’s that part of ourselves we present to the world to keep our inner selves, our softness, our precious parts, our vulnerable parts (our truth), safe. My armor has always been about being BIG so you won’t know how small I feel inside. I like to use humor so things don’t get too serious. I can portray myself as being very confident so you won’t know how insecure I am deep down. That’s my retro armor. Over the years I have been diligent about my personal work. Part of my training to become an Equine Gestalt Coach was looking at myself and ‘cleaning up’ my side of the road, so to speak. I still have armor, but now it isn’t so thick and I am a lot more skilled at taking it off. I am also a lot more skilled at putting it on.

Let me say that again: I am also a lot more skilled at putting it on. That is what this retreat is about: The skill and knowing the difference between using your armor for safety and using it to hide.

The skill involved is knowing my armor so I can use it to protect myself and knowing the difference between protection that keeps me safe and protection that I THINK I need because I am afraid and want to hide. That second kind of protection can keep me isolated, alone, disconnected and at arm’s length from people in my life and most importantly it can keep me from knowing who I truly am and loving what I find. There is a time and place for armor….

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